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Legacy presentations

Here are some presentation copied over from the old web site. I kept the original URLs in order to not break the WWW.

The cut off date is Jan 1, 2016. Stuff older than that is not online any more.

2020-08-20 Socraten
Some (humble) Experiments in Time Series Forecasting

2018-06-07 IDM/JUGTAAS Java Dev-Meetings
AWS Lambda
dedicated page

2017-05-13 JUGTAAS JavaDay
007: Agent Under Fire to Ω-logic - fun with ETL and full text search
source code

2016-09-03 ESC2K16
Love Your Database
presentation in italian

2016-05-30 IDM Workshop
Oracle to Postgres Migration - Part 1 - migrating the database

2016-06-22 IDM Workshop
Oracle to Postgres Migration - Part 2 - running Postgres

2016-02-27 PostgreSQL Open Day
Primi passi con BDR
presentation in italian


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